Thanks in part to our long history of working with the Baffin communities, we have an effective and practical relationship with all the communities’ medical health centres.

InterpretationHow to Book an Interpreter

If you require an interpreter, please contact our Interpreter Scheduling Coordinator between the hours of 8am-4pm Monday to Friday at 613-523-7822 ext.114 and she will coordinate with you. Our interpreters are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week so for any requests outside of normal business hours, please page our on-call pager at 613-364-5184 for assistance.

Please Note the following when booking an interpreter

  • When possible, please allow at least 24hrs notice when requesting an interpreter for an appointment and/or conference.
  • In the event that you are unable to provide 24hrs notice, we will do our best to provide an interpreter in a timely manner based on priority and urgency of all requests.

Travel CoordinationGetting Patients from the North to Ottawa

One question that is frequently asked whether patients are already in Ottawa or if they are booked to come; is how do they get here? Once an appointment has been booked for a patient, our team sends an appointment sheet to the transportation team in Iqaluit and if applicable the Community Health Center. The appointment sheet lists the patient’s demographic and appointment information including any instructions/ preparation to be done for the appointment. From there, the team in the North takes on the responsibility of notifying the patient of their appointment and booking their flight to Ottawa.

Making travel as easy as possible

For those patients that stay at Larga: OHSNI/OBNHS staff send Larga a daily appointment sheet which lists all the patients’ appointment times, location and any special instructions for the appointment (ie. bowel prep, fasting etc). This ensures patients get to their appointment in a timely manner. For anyone that chooses to stay on their own while here in Ottawa there are a number of public transportation options available.

Medical Records CoordinationEstablished Communication

Upon your discharge from Ottawa, the OHSNI/OBNHS case managers complete each patient’s discharge summary. The discharge summary is a brief outline to the medical staff as to what tests were performed, any medications that were prescribed and/or dosage changes that were made as well as the follow-up plan. Our medical records coordinator prints off all of the patient reports from the hospital’s medical records system and attaches them with the discharge summary.

Ensuring Quality Patient Care

Each discharge summary is sent to the medical staff at the Qikiqtani General hospital in Iqaluit as well as the health center in the community if applicable. The medical staff review the discharge summaries and any follow up that is required in the North is then completed. Once the summary has been sent, it is then filed in the patient’s chart in the OHSNI/OBNHS office. If the patient requires follow up in Ottawa, the chart is returned.

Specialty ClinicsOpening New Horizons

OHSNI/OBHSN recruits medical specialists and their residents for week-long specialty clinics, as well as specialty days that bring medical specialists, RNs, residents and technicians to complement the specialty clinics. In 2016-17, OHSNI/OBNHS delivered 58 week-long clinics spanning adult and pediatric specialties and general pediatrics. Some of the clinics included adult and pediatric orthopedics, ENT, adult and pediatric cardiology, respirology, dermatology, internal medicine and urology.