For Physicians

Working In Nunavut

At OHSNI we truly believe we are bridging the gap between the North and the South. But we can only do that with the help of the medical community.

What to expectOpening new horizons

We strongly believe that we can offer medical professionals an opportunity to open their horizons like never before – the challenges that the North face are unlike anything you are likely to see in the South.

Upon Your Arrival in Iqaluit

Upon your arrival in Iqaluit, you will be met by the apartment property manager who will take you to your apartment, provide you with the keys and any other information you may need. The specialty clinic staff will meet you at a designated time to complete Meditech training and provide you with your password prior to the clinic starting.

Travel and Lodging Arrangements – Baffin Specialist Clinics

Several weeks before you are scheduled for your clinic in the North, the specialty clinic coordinator will send you your airline ticket and information in regards to your accommodations. Please ensure that the coordinator has the correct spelling of your name so that the appropriate tickets are booked.

Accommodations are booked by the Nunavut Government.

TeleheathProviding Healthcare Closer to Home

As many people who live in Nunavut, reside in remote and isolated communities; the Government of Nunavut recognizes that tele-health can deliver a wide range of health care and social services to their citizens.

At OHSNI promoting the use of tele-health is well established within our programs. In partnership with Nunavut, we strive to increase tele-health use for family consultations, professional teaching, clinical assessments, family visitations and administrative issues.

OHSNI does not own a tele-health platform. We work in partnership with the local Ottawa hospital coordinators, the Ontario Tele-Health Network, the Baffin Regional Tele-Health coordinators and its administration.

RequirementsProfessional Registration

For specialist clinic – physicians and dental surgeons

In order for a physician to work at a specialty clinic in Iqaluit, you must have a Nunavut license. The specialty clinic coordinator will ensure you have the initial registration package which must be completed and returned no later than 6 weeks prior to your scheduled clinic. Your license application will be reviewed by the Registration Committee in Nunavut. Once accepted, the official paperwork will be sent to the specialty clinic coordinator. The specialty clinic coordinator will provide you with a copy of your license.

A Nunavut license is valid for one year from April 1 to March 31 and it must be renewed each year. The specialty clinic coordinator will send you the renewal forms in January to complete and sign. OHSNI/OBNHS covers the cost associated with the license registration as well as the renewal.

If you have any questions about your Nunavut license, please feel free to contact our specialty clinic coordinator.

For medical residents working at a specialist clinic

A medical specialist may bring a resident with them to help run their clinic for the week once approved by the North. In order for a resident to see patients, they must apply for an education permit. This application requires a passport photograph, a copy of the first page of your passport or birth certificate, a letter from the university as well as a letter from the physician supervising them while they are in Iqaluit.

This paperwork is required at least 4 weeks prior to your trip up north to avoid mail delays. The application is sent to the Registrar to review and once it is approved an Education Register certificate (also known as an ERP) will be mailed to OHSNI/OBNHS. The specialty clinic coordinator will ensure that a copy of the certificate is sent up to the Qikiqtani General hospital prior to your clinic.

For registered nurses working at a specialist’s clinic

Registration is supervised by the Registered Nurses Association of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. As this process can take considerable time, please speak to the specialty clinic coordinator well in advance of your planned clinic.

For all other medical staff and technicians working at a specialty clinic

In order for any professional individual to perform direct patient care, the Qikiqtani General hospital must have copies of your current educational certificates and credentials (ie. ARDMA ultrasound certificate, College of Respiratory therapist of Ontario certificate). This paperwork is needed for legal and insurance purposes.

It is important to note that it is each professional’s personal responsibility to ensure that they are insured to work in Nunavut and that their credentials are in good standing.

Contracts & Professional Fees

Contracts for physicians, nurses and technicians are renewed annually based on the Northern requests. Specifics to the contracts can be discussed with Judy Plourde, Executive Director.

Interested in working in The North?Contact Information

If you are a physician that is interested in challenging your skills and seeing what Nunavut has to offer, please contact our specialty clinic coordinator:

Lori Steeves-Plamandon

Specialty Clinics Coordinator
120 – 1929 Russell Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 4G3

Tel: 613-229-5684
Fax: 613-523-8163