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From hospitals to speciality clinics to community health centres and beyond, our comprehensive network means we can provide our patients with any medical assistance they may need.

OverviewReferral Process

A family doctor in Iqaluit or a specialist who held a clinic in Iqaluit can send a referral for a patient to be seen in Ottawa. The paperwork is reviewed by the referral coordinators to ensure all of the necessary information is attached and then it is sent off to a specialist’s office for review. Our team books the necessary appointment(s) and notifies medical travel in Iqaluit as well as the patient’s home community.

If you need to change your appointment date, please notify the referral office at the Qikiqtani General hospital or your local health center as soon as possible.

Before you leave Preparation

When you come to Ottawa for medical appointments, it is necessary to be prepared in the event you need to stay longer than expected. Please ensure that you bring a months’ supply of your medication as well as any medical supplies you may use such as feeding bags and tubes, dressings, and diapers.  As well, you must bring your Nunavut health card to present at all of your medical appointments and a piece of photo ID.  You will need your photo ID in order to board the plane.

Before coming to Ottawa get a copy of our pamphlet with all of our contact information in Inuktitut, English or French.

In OttawaUpon Arrival

Once you arrive in Ottawa, make sure to bring all of your belongings as well as all of the documentation given to you by the health center off the plane. For patients that are staying at Larga, one of the drivers will meet you at the baggage claim to help you collect your luggage. The driver will take you directly to the hospital if required or to Larga to check into your room. For patients that are staying on their own, there are a number of public transit options including OC Transpo, Blue Line taxi, Westway taxi and Capital taxi.


Larga-Baffin is a medical boarding home for Nunavut patients that have travelled to Ottawa for medical services.

Learn more about Larga-Baffin

Larga-BaffinA Home Away from Home


Larga is located at 2716 Richmond road and can accommodate 195 patients. It has a large dining room, laundry facilities, spacious guest rooms as well as common rooms.  In addition, they have a fleet of vehicles on the road at any given time to ensure that the patients get to and from their appointments in a timely manner.

Larga-Baffin Ltd.

2716 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON K2B 6R2

Telephone: (613) 248-3552
Facsimile: (613) 248-9182

Email: Lynn Kilabuk

Larga-Baffin Ltd. has a toll free number available for its residents to receive calls from home while they are in Ottawa, however, calls cannot be made from this phone to the North. If you are in Nunavut and would like to reach a family member at Larga-Baffin please call 1-866-864-9705.

Larga is on the 85 bus route. Check out OC Transpo’s website for more information:

Returning homePlanning for Departure

Once a patient has been medically cleared to return home the case managers will let the staff at Larga know and Larga will book the patient’s flight home. Sometimes a patient’s return may be delayed slightly if they require specialized equipment or medication but every effort is made to ensure medical supplies are delivered in a timely manner. Larga staff will notify the patient with their flight information and will take them to the airport.

For patients that are not staying at Larga, they need to contact medical travel in Iqaluit to book their return flight. The phone number for medical travel in Iqaluit is 1-866-371-3305 and they will be able to assist you. It is important to remember to bring home any prescriptions and medical equipment that you have received while you were here. OHSNI/OBNHS case managers will send all of your medical records to the Qikiqtani General hospital for your family doctor to review and to your community health center.